A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


a nightmarish action-rpg about finding oneself

by colin horgan and nicolo telesca

coming to pc/mac/linux in 2017





Install instructions

Unzip the the appropriate package for your platform.

Play instructions are in the README file.

Double click the .exe / .app file to begin


L U C A H ~ Alpha Demo ~ PC.zip (79 MB)
L U C A H ~ Alpha Demo ~ Mac.zip (53 MB)


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The controls on a keyboard feels cluttered. I understand that it was designed to be played on Controller but I'm a keyboard cat. I found myself mistaking the E to be Shift and vice versa. The input also feels slightly delayed, which might be due to the slight hit delay or the time length of the attacks. I also found myself not using the target reticule at times due to the difficulty in using it in the middle of a fight.

What I absolutely do love is the amount of polish the different aspects of the game recieve. The art style perfectly aligns with the dream-scape the game intends to deliver. The fights were well paced requiring knowledge of the enemies. Overall this is an excellent game for its position as in an Alpha state. If you continue to work on this following the tight control scheme and excellent combat that is reminiscent of Dark Souls I can see this becoming a fan favorite of those liking Dark Souls.

This is going to be a hit.

Loving the style. Hope you stick with it through release.

tense, well-paced, atmospheric, and all-around excellent

Colin! Love the game - can't wait to see where it goes!

Love the style and gameplay of this, tight!

Aa thanks so much!

So I just tried this game and already 3 min in I think this has some great potential

It was fun and it reminded me of Hyper Light Drifter which was also fun :)

Sweet, thanks!