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Caution! This game contains flashing patterns that might be disruptive to people with photosensitive epilepsy. See trigger warnings at https://pastebin.com/3UD3Mt74


HACK, SLASH, ASCEND.  Lucah: Born of a Dream is a harrowing struggle through our worst nightmares. 

You have been MARKED, cursed to have your inner demons come to life as vicious Nightmares. After awakening a false god, you must atone. Traverse the hellish realm of dreams, endure the nightmare onslaught, and uncover the strength to accept yourself.

Master a deep combat system that blends ranged- and melee-action with rich customization. Explore an atmospheric world of repressed memories and unspeakable feelings. Lay waste to the Nightmares in a kinetic flurry of beautiful violence

  • Striking colors and evocative linework elicit a surreal sense of ambiguity and tension. 
  • Mix and match different Attack Mantras to create an endless variety of flashy combos. 
  • Befriend Familiars and use their ranged magic to turn the course of battle. 
  • Personalize your character with Virtues like slow-motion dodges, stunning parries, or vampiric attacks.
  • Use Rewinds to instantly retry a battle you were failing to achieve better results. 

Join the official Lucah: Born of a Dream fan Discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/73YPyAK

a game by @melessthanthree 

[colin horgan, nicolo telesca, kevin wong, brianna lei, & ruby seals]


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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What a coicidence on the update! i was planning to play it again today, because i might have understrand why i cried in the end, but i needed to confirm it by replaying.


I really love this game, even if some of the plot is lost on me. The gameplay itself is fantastic, I personally love the art style, the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE, and overall it was a very enjoyable experience.

So I decided to pick this up again after over a year and I gotta say, this still holds up super well! I actually managed to kill the harbinger in the tutorial this time, and I feel like something might have changed. Does this have any plot significance?


I'm just now realizing that this game is also sort of a commentary on religion and indoctrination. It really makes me view the game in a whole new light. I can't believe that when I last played this I didn't realize that the second major area is literally a church in which you get baptized against your will by a power tripping priest. 

It's awesome, but is there some like idol/god in the lore or something???? I'm christian and I don't vibe with magic/false idols even if in a game so i just wanna be aware, sorry if im coming across negative :)

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Hi tempori,

While the game is semi-based on my own experiences growing up Catholic, the way the game explores concepts of divinity might be uncomfortable to some. I recommend trying it out anyway, but don't feel like you need to continue if it ends up not being a good experience for you!

alright, thanks for responding and being transparent about it! :>


Your game was beautiful. A ton of fun, an emotional story, and great to look at/listen to. Congratulations on making such a great game, and thank you for the opportunity to get to play it.

Is there any way to delete saves?

Hi Arquebus,

if you reach the 3 save file max and select New Game, the game will prompt you to pick an old save to overwrite.

Hope that helps!

Thank you! Love this game to death, and got my first bad end a year ago on Steam. Can't wait to pick it apart and feel things some more!

I have played most of the list of "souls like" games, and this one is super solid. Love the art style and the flow of combat, and ability options make sense. I'll be purchasing the whole game for sure.

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This is a really good game! The combat system is fairly simple, different combat styles (mantras) differ in range, timing, and damage, but it works well and being able to combine a perk of a style with the secondary slot adds a bit of nuance to what you choose. Enemy variety though I think is what makes the game interesting and varied in its whole length, enemies are really well differentiated and they combine to create cool and unique encounters.

The combat mantras before thanatos do kinda feel unviable for the harder parts of the game, in particular the Descent, which actually I'm not sure was intended to be completable in a normal new game? There are a few issues in the game which don't become noticeable until you reach the most difficult encounters.

There's a big issue with visibility because some details can cover enemies, and you can't see their attack cues, and there's no good way to move them away, specially given the tight time constraint of the descent. Even worse is that in crowded situations enemies can obscure each other, which is not something that would crop up often in the normal game, but in the descent happens a few times, and it's all the more frustrating given that there you're pushed to play aggressively. Some combinations that appear, like the harbinger with small enemies, the harbinger can completely block other enemies from view. Also enemies attacking from offscreen is quite annoying, close to unfair given that projectiles are mostly fast, and the thing of moving the screen towards the enemy that shot the projectile that hit you wasn't a good idea, because it obscures the most important threats around you and disorients you.

Also enemies can attack you instantly when they teleport next to you, which can be a bit unfair. They can also attack instantly when you use a rewind, and attacks from before remain after a rewind, so you can get hit instantly upon rewinding, it kinda seems like enemies should wait after teleport or rewind, and previous attacks be wiped off.

Another thing that sticks out mostly in crowded combat is the soft lock on, which I think is the worst issue of the combat in this game, because it takes a lot of control away from you, and is sometimes finicky and targets unintuitive targets. It can cause things like stop you from capitalizing on a break or parry because suddenly the lock on decided to target another enemy, it really feels awful.

Some attacks seem to respond inconsistently to dodging them, you dodge right through the attack, but there's no slight slowdown in response to dodging, or big slowdown if you have the virtue that does that, and if the enemy does two consecutive attacks quickly, it catches you with the followup during your dodge recovery. It feels a bit buggy.

Something that I'm pretty sure is a bug is that the prototype enemy, that red kid that teleports, when you break them, they become completely intangible to your attacks. That same enemy, and the other kid enemy that appears in the descent, kinda seems to attack unreactably fast? I'm pretty sure I'm not just old and slow, because even pressing space anticipating the attack I've gotten hit, maybe something with input lag? I'm playing on speed 1.1 and didn't try slower, not sure it's related to that anyway, but if speeding up the game makes it not work very well maybe the option shouldn't be there?

Those fast attacks wouldn't be a problem, they just make you play conservatively, but that's not something you can do in the descent, and coupled with the ocasional visibility problem, makes fighting fast unreliable, so overall the descent on new game, specially the later parts with lots of fast kid enemies and lots of bosses, feel like gambling, sometimes you get lucky and break them enough to kill fast, but you don't have means to kill really fast and reliably in new game. Maybe the tools you get on ng+ make it doable, I'll try that now, but it really doesn't seem made for normal new game.

After I completed I had seen that challenge difficulty should be unlocked, but it didn't appear for me, not sure if it appears later or it was an error.

Anyway, the descent frustrated me a bit because it exacerbated those issues, but the entire rest of the game is really good, when you get used to it the combat can get really fast, and challenges are varied and interesting. It was a really interesting game to play!

Hi Huitzilopochtli!

Thank you for your very in-depth and insightful comments! I always appreciate when someone takes the time to share their experience and thoughts on the game.

While I don’t want to say too much (because I don’t want to dilute your thoughts!), I’ll just clarify Challenge mode unlocks when you complete new game +, not new game. I hope you get a chance to experience all of new game +!

I’m very impressed you attempted the descent on new game, it’s definitely designed to be attempted after the player finishes the new game + story, though we decided to let new game players attempt it as well because we knew not everyone had completed new game + by the time we released the expansion. In hindsight maybe I would have locked it away until then, but either way I hope you ultimately enjoy your experience.


I completed ng+ and the descent now, and I really enjoyed it! sorry if I seemed overly negative, I probably wouldn't have written so much on the negative points if I had completed ng+ first, the range and power that aether gives you let you fight much more safely and makes the descent extremely doable, and the ascended virtue probably makes it doable with some of the other mantras.

Making ng+ and the descent put more pressure with corruption and tying its progress to how well you completed fights was a really cool idea, a great way to incentivize exploring combat more and playing quickly, like a speedrun mode but that gives more direct feedback to how well you're doing and a short term goal of lowering corruption.

thank you for making such an interesting game!

This might be a weird question, but are there any plans for a physical release on any platforms at the moment? It's definitely something I'd support, although I perfectly understand if there aren't any plans for it at the moment.

Hello! Unfortunately there are no plans for a physical release, as much as I would love that. I appreciate your asking!

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gosh, i havent sat down with a game for 10 hours straight in a while but this really sunk its hooks into me so quickly. Honestly i think this is just something i needed rn, but its also just such a beautiful game thats a blast to play. Its absolutely become one of my all time favorites and i could see myself playing this a lot more times than i already have. Thank yall very much for this! (edit addition) I think a really standout part is the way the interactive writing cutscenes really add SO much impact to them, they hit their beats soooo well

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi there! Working on it, can't reveal anything now but I hope to get it released on the European and Australian eShop sometime this summer!

Deleted 113 days ago

Ah thank you so much! Honestly hearing comments like this make it so worth making games, I really appreciate it!


I forget what the sin and punishment modifiers do, could anyone explain them?


I think they're enemy difficulty and your health, in that order.


cant believe this exists! so nostalgic and sad at the same time, so much memories and life bulit into this, it like reaching for paradise itself yet never there.

MAN WHAT IS THIS UNIVERSE is it a matrix or??


Darn, missed it by few sec ! :(

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Unsure if anyone can help: I have Lucah: Born of a Dream on my Switch. I'm playing through it again, hunting the additional sacraments. I've so far beaten the game through the neutral ending and started new game plus so have seen sacraments 1 and 5.

On my current playthrough I found sacrament 2 in the pit before the radio tower. I just completed it and upon returning back to the radio tower, I no longer have my familiars. *EDIT* My familiars aren't even in my inventory anymore. It's like I never unlocked them. Is that normal? If anyone can help, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Great game by the way. Bought it the day it released on Switch because the visuals are some of the best I've ever seen in any game.


~SPOILER~ You probably talked to the holy priest before the entrance to the radio tower. It resets your corruption but sacrifices all your pets. Although I haven't spoken to him in NG+. You can start a NG+ again and they will all be re-added into your inventory (get the beach scene where the figure resets corruption).


Ah, I see. I did in fact talk to the priest. I skipped it my first playthrough so didn't know what would happen. Thank you for telling me. Short of replaying the game, I can't revert that can I?

I have to report a problem: LB isn't detected when playing with my xbox one controller on linux (Arch).


Someone help! The controls to make the familiar attack is unclear. Am already on Track 3 and don't know how to make the cute little thing (the familiar that hangs around the character) attack. Please help it (and me) be useful ;w;

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I can't figure out how to make the familiar attack, either.I can rebind the key, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work like the game lists in the default controls.

Do you have enough charge for whatever familiars attack you're trying? Theres a line displayed on the purple charge meter that shows how much is needed per attack. I cant say what keyboard and mouse controls are but on the gamepad the default is X (xbox controller)/ Y (Nintendo controller). It's simply just tapping the button if you have enough charge to perform. Some take a second to enact.

The charge is usually almost always full so I don't think that's the problem. I just need to know what the default controls are for the keyboard and mouse controls since that's what I'm using. Thank you for the extra information though ^^


Hi there! On keyboard and mouse the default familiar attack control is mouse 3 (so usually the scroll wheel click), but you can reassign the control in the settings menu (accessible by default by pressing the escape key, I'm pretty sure).

Thank you so much!!

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Hello, I think I'm 100% done with the game, maybe not, I have achieved 4 ends (credits), but this was amazing and worth playing over and over again. I seem to be missing 2 mantra's that are supposed to be found in Track 7, Fos and Aqua. Any clues where to find them? By the way, is it true there's going to be another game? Forgot the title but it was revealed in Sacrament II. I wish there was a wiki that had most of the information, I really want to learn more of the story but I can't find any sources.

here's the all items guide from the speedrun.com page if you haven't found fos & aqua already! https://www.speedrun.com/lucah/guide/4zui5

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I was looking for some new games to play yesterday and saw this, which absolutely caught my interest. I basically made this account to make sure I claimed it. I played for about half a hour and was very excited to keep exploring and seeing what this game offered, but I had to get off to go do something. When I came back, I powered up the game. It was normal, but then it came to the starting screen. But the problem was the starting screen stayed blurred and I couldn't interact with it to start the game to the main menu. I've tried waiting, clicking buttons, and redownloading it. Am I being a bit of a idiot and forgot/am missing something?

Oh no I’m sorry to hear that! What platform are you playing on? Also I would just double check and make sure you’re playing the full game and didn’t accidentally download the demo instead of the full game.

(1 edit)

Sorry for not responding sooner! I'm playing it on Windows 10, using the Windows version of course. I'm pretty sure I'm using the full game, the version released on August 23rd. I'll try redownloading it again and making sure I have the correct files!

Edit: So I did that. It started up like it has been, showed your credit, 'LOADING', then came to this: https://imgur.com/a/7Ey82wB . And it stayed there, I just seeing what I knew was the moving starting screen but blurred and not interactable. I waited at least 15 mins and tried clicking a few buttons but no avail.

Hmm I've seen this before when a save file gets corrupted or mismatches the update version of the game you're running...sorry about that! There's a guide on our speed running site about how to find your save file, I would navigate to the folder it specifies and try removing your save file and see if restarting the game lets you start a new game. If it still doesn't, there might be a deeper issue I need to investigate. https://www.speedrun.com/lucah/guide/y4no6

I did this and it worked! Maybe I closed out of the game wrong and that's why it got corrupted? I don't know, but I'll be careful about that. At least it was only thirty minutes! Thank you for your time and for helping me!

Ah no problem, if you keep having issues let me know! I'm sorry it happened in the first place, I'll make sure my next game is a bit more secure about that ^^; Hopefully you can speed right through that lost time! The game does get better on replays so please do enjoy.

Thank you very much for doing this, but I can't claim the game for future updates :(


Hi Cael! This game is most likely not going to be getting future updates so don't be afraid to download it now! If I do change it to a claimable version instead though I will let you know.

Try it now?

Thank you for the fast reply!, I just claimed a copy of the game :_), please stay safe and healthy :).


Glad to see this as a full-game!


i just got the neutral ending, it hit me in a weird way that i can't quite explain? the line where you realize lucah's trans and the corruption ending made me say "oh" out loud? i'm sad but i can't stop saying "lucah is baby" under my breath?

i adore the combat system, it's so intricate and beautifully made. it also took me ~8 hours to figure out how hold actions work properly oops so now i do them at every possible point in time. i'm not super good at videogames in general so i appreciate the assist options too :p

anyway i'm excited to go through ng+, aether is trans rights and this is such a good game, thank you!


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!! I hope you're able to enjoy ng+ soon, there's a final ending you can only get by playing it that I have a feeling will really resonate with you!


One of the more unique games I played in a while and very consistent in its dark, abstract mood. Kind of "anime Dark Souls" done in a creative way. Not very approachable, quite hard, especially before you get used to it.

On the other hand, it may be too obtuse for its own good. Near the end of game my play-through was ended when one of the boss fights introduced new transformation mechanics which can get you a bad ending in seconds if you do not now what it does. Nowhere was it explained, in fact I needed to look at YouTube gameplay videos to even understand what happened.

So overall I have mixed feelings. I like hard games, but this one is hard and rough around the edges. It tries to link its gameplay to the plot, strengthening the theme of despair, but for me the irritation it caused weakened the atmosphere.


I wanna say, this game is honestly one of the best experiences I've gone through playing through a videogame.

The aesthetic, gameplay, story and music blend together so wonderfully well and the ending got me a bit teary.

More people need to experience this.

(A small aside, is there a version of that title art without the text? It would make a wonderful desktop background.)

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I'm trying to play the demo of the game with my PS4 controller, but it's a hot mess.

All the signs in-game use an XBOX scheme and I've never had one of those pads in hand, so I'm left in complete darkness as to what button I'm supposed to press.

The square button allows to interacts with objects / dialog ; fine. Circle button does nothing, and both the cross and triangle perform the exact same action, which is either a light attack or summoning a big blue rectangle of light with no apparent stamina cost or effect. Whether you get the light attack or blue rectangle is completely random, with neither the timing or strength of the presses, distance to (or absence of) an ennemy and even general context influencing the outcome.

I died in the second fight because I kept summoning useless blue rectangle that did nothing while the ennemy was free to hit me.

I could try and rebind the controls but I need to scroll through more or less fifty entries crammed in a tiny window that make my eyes hurt, with only a dozen of them actually useful to me, and it's never clear what is used for what and is assigned to which button.

Overall, my few minutes with the game were complete garbage and I lost any interest I might have in it unless it finally releases on the European Switch Store, since that port should fix the control issues (why hasn't the game been released oversea after it's been out for two months already on the American Eshop ?).


Hi Gryfyfy, I'm sorry you had that experience. I don't believe the demo was meant to support the PS4 controller, which is why you were probably having that difficulty. If you're still interested, have you tried the keyboard + mouse or keyboard only control options? Those should also be playable for the demo!

As for the European eShop release, we're working on it but unfortunately I don't have anything to announce right now! We're operating with a very small team and almost no budget currently, so we aren't able to get these things going as fast as some of the indies with big publishers are. I would hope you at least get a chance to try us again in the future, whether with the keyboard or if/when we announce an EU switch date!

Uh, I didn't consider the keyboard + mouse thing ! Since the readme file recommends playing with a controller, I kind of crossed the thought from my mind ! I'll try that~

Oh, so that's the reason it isn't out yet ?! How rude of Nintendo, I thought they'd provide more support than that, especially considering how backward their shop is - they're really putting all the burden on the studios, uh ?

Well, good luck with that, it certainly looks gorgeous and original, I'm really hoping I can find a comfortable to play it to buy it !

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh. My. God. It controls perfectly with the mouse + keyboard combo and this demo is amazing !

The combat is gripping right out of the tutorial and it only gets more intense and richer as you unlock mantras, familiars and virtues ; I see everyone saying that it's 2D Dark Souls but those fools don't get it~ It's clearly Bayonetta with a stamina meter, and it feels GOOD ! The attacks are snappy, each hit flows into the next perfectly, the dodge / parry have aaallllll the right feedback to them and landing a heavy attack on a broken ennemy makes you feel the power of the blow.

I don't even care to finish the demo - I just bought the game and I won't drop it until I'm done with it... a few times~ Oh, and before I forget, excellent work on the difficulty settings ! I sadly have a very bad reaction time, so being able to crank up the Pain while keeping Punishment on easy to have a tough but fair challenge is one of the greatest thing with this game. I don't understand why more games don't offer that option (if you need more inspiration for your future works, check out Dishonored 2, it has some extensive difficulty tweaking !).

Now off I go, I've got a new game to beat~

You've probably figured it out by now, but Xbox controllers are laid out like this: 


 X   B


Or in other words, it's Nintendo's layout, but flipped.


Oh heck, this looks bonkers!


This game has an amazing aesthetic. Big fan!


Beautiful. Love, love these games created! Excellent story-telling and engaging atmosphere.

Thank you so much!

I'm so excited to put more time into this game, but is it possible to allow keyboard input even in gamepad mode like Pyre? I like to play with an SNES controller and it has too few buttons for things like activating the menu once everything else is assigned.

Hi rollercats, sorry currently that is not possible with how the game was made. I can look into it in a future update potentially but I can’t promise anything. Sorry about that!

No problem, keyboard and mouse is okay. Thanks!

This game is fantastic. It's always nice to have a character-action game where your movement and actions are very responsive and quick.
The art-style is a nice touch, and definitely pushes that "unsettling" feel.
If you think you may like this game, I'd grab it.

Also, we did a little comedy skit on the game if you wanna see.

Thank you so much! Excited to more from you all =)

I just finished my first playthrough of this game, and it's fantastic. I love when a second playthrough of a game adds in more context to the story. The entire Highway sequence felt like the best part of the first playthrough, and I can't wait to get further in the story!

I saw that you made this game in Unity, and I have some questions about developing with it, if you have the time I'd really enjoy talking with some devs!

(1 edit)

Hi Antigrav, thank you so much!! I’m especially proud of the highway sequence, so I’m really happy you liked it too!! Feel free to send me questions here, or if you’re on Twitter dm me at @melessthanthree. If neither of those work we can figure something else out!


I came here from a vid posted on r/games and it turns out I already had this bookmarked.  I'll surely be buying this later(I have too much backlog). 

Anyways, what engine did you use to make this?

Hi there! This game was developed in Unity.

Cool, I'm using unity too. Did you guys do everything from scratch or use any assets

Mostly from scratch; I adapted some of the unity post-processing effects but that was it


Ooooo it's me again! Sorry for the spam, but I just really love this game!

(Spoiler alert)

I played an ending where I chose to embrace Christian on F12. And after some fighting, there was the bit where Lucah and Christian were limping towards some sort of exit. What really, really, really got my attention were the flashing images which I didn't see clearly, followed by "I love you". I could somehow tell Lucah's face in one of the images, and, and, and, and and and and did Christian kiss him????? ?????????? ?????? ??????? ???????????????? (I'm actually so intrigued; I'm deciding to play this ending again this week just to view the flashing images i didn't see clearly again) and did Christian not escape???????????????? He is one of my favourite characters in the game; i'm just genuinely concerned in a motherly way.

Oh, and, is it fine for me to draw stuff related to Lucah? I'm not going to upload it anywhere but it's always safe to ask the creators just in case they don't want any reproduction.

Congrats on reaching the true ending!! And yes of course it's ok to draw Lucah stuff, let me know if you post any of it since I love seeing fan art ^^

Hello! I recently bought this game and I created an itch account just to comment here and ask some questions.

I binge played the game and reached some  point, I remember as track 8, where I joined a cult and the game ended, giving me the Aether mantra. Afterwards, when I play the game, levelling up is unavailable and everything becomes based upon my corruption levels. I wonder if this is a result of me joining a cult and reaching 100% corruption in the first play through...? What would happen differently if I didn't join the cult and entered the elevator instead...? Also, is there a way to reverse this problem...? Because trying to keep corruption levels down is extremely difficult, given that the 'reverse' button says it removes all progress on current track and has lead me into fear of pressing it...

Um... please tell me I'm not on some weird track and that we are supposed to play a good ending by dying on first round... please tell me that this is the right thing...  I don't want to enter a fit of anxiety... 

Well, an awesome game. Played the demo a year or two ago. Fell in love with it immediately. Awesome art, music, theme, script, AMBIENCE.  Bought the game. Would buy for double the price. No, even triple. 100% worth it.

Hi VIT_Master,

Don’t worry, the path you’re taking is perfectly legitimate! you reached one of the endings and are now playing the second half of the game, where it becomes more important to rank well in combat in order to keep your corruption down. If you can make it all the way to the end, the game’s true ending will be available (in the part up the elevator). You can also see the other normal ending if you want still by going up the elevator at the end and doing something different at the triendl end branching point, though I won’t spoil it yet.

If you cannot level up, does it say your level is “MAX”? In that case that’s ok, the game is designed with that in mind. Reverting will become a useful tool for you if you die too many times and your corruption is too high; it will send you back to the start of whichever track/chapter you chose, but it will give you another chance to score better in the fights and keep your corruption lower! It will also let you keep whatever experience, mantras, virtues, etc that you have, so don’t worry about losing those. It’s ok, because learning to get better IS the experience, and you might surprise yourself are how you might do in a track the second time through!

I hope this helps, but if you have any more questions or worries, please feel free to join our discord, link up in the description! We have a very knowledgeable and welcoming community there who can help you through the game, because I know you’ll want to see this through to the end. And like I said in the beginning of the game, I believe in you, and everything will be ok in the end!



Thanks Colin! Your reply was very helpful! I'm actually planning to play this game again and again and again because it's just so breathtakingly beautiful! By the way, thank you for such an awesome game ;)


((Potential minor spoiler warning for this review))

The last two games that turned me into a emotional sobbing wreck by the end of them were Nier: Automata and Lucah: Born of a Dream.

This is more than just a coincidental pairing - these two games are very similar in many obvious ways. Colin, Lucah’s main developer, writer, and animator, even goes as far as to half-jokingly call it a “Nier-like” in a recent Twitter thread. Despite the mechanical similarities and the fact that they’re both highly emotional, character-driven hack-n-slash games, Lucah's intimacy is what sets it apart and what has left an arguably deeper and stronger impact on me.

It feels very difficult to talk about this game without relating it heavily to myself. There's a lot going on in this game thematically that reflects struggles I've gone through in my life - mental illness, figuring out ones own identity, the fragility of romantic connection, and growing up gay in a religious environment where being gay wasn't allowed. Lucah skips over giving empty promises and vague, sugarcoated hope; these things are difficult as hell, and they aren't easy to overcome.

And yet, you overcome them. Enemies and battles are challenging, and at first, can feel overwhelming, but soon can easily be conquered thanks to the game's welcome reliance on telegraphing attacks and its lovely dodge/parry system. The visuals can feel oppressive, threatening, even nonsensical, but reveal their beauty within the messy lines. Dialogue and lore is emotionally difficult to get through, dealing with trauma and death and pure horror, but catharsis is just around the corner. It'll hurt, but it'll heal in due time.

At the beginning of the game, Colin directly addresses the player, and asks for their trust. Things will be difficult, you'll lose people along the way, and it might hurt - but have faith that it'll end up okay in the end. It seems like a strange request coming from a video game, but this trust is essential to braving the whirlwind ahead. I'm so unbelievably happy that I gave Lucah my trust, and I'm forever grateful that I'll get to carry this experience with me for as long as I need it.

P.S. My friend Bluffy was the one who got me into this game, and I don't have the words to express my thanks. So shoutout I guess ❤️✨


Already thanked you on Twitter but this is beautiful, thank you so much!! 


this is a really fun game with cool art and a neat story so you should play it!!!


With Lucah you get a fantastic art style, perfectly paired soundtrack, a ridiculously deep combat system and an intriguing story. So, really, it is 100% worth your purchase. The combat does get hard, but thankfully there are modifiers you can engage whenever to ease you through the more challenging fights.

If you're on the fence, you won't regret it.

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