A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

MAJOR CW for On-screen depictions of suicide, gun violence, blood, sexually suggestive content.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING for flashing colors and images. DO NOT play if you are sensitive to flashing lights or patterns.


A small, previously-unreleased student project conceived & developed  from Summer 2014 to Spring 2015. I thought I had lost this project when my hard drive failed in 2018, but I recently discovered a backup of the near-complete builds online and wanted to put them up here for completion's sake.

Enlightenment Chamber is a top-down horror/action roguelike-ish experience by Julian Whatley (narrative & co-lead designer), Jocelyn Kim (art director), and Colin Horgan (programming & co-lead designer).

Music by Eric Walker, Cyberwave, Holocene, Gullswamp, Colin Horgan, and Fatal Nostalgia.

Additional art by Colin Horgan and Maddy Horgan.


Played with mouse and keyboard. WASD to move, left click to interact. ESC to pause/quit.

Install instructions

Download the appropriate .zip for your platform. Unzip and double click the .exe/.app file.


Enlightenment Chamber (PC) 112 MB
Enlightenment Chamber (Mac) 117 MB

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