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chNGE background


this is one of my favourite songs ever and this game made me cry tbh it's truly such a good representation of how the song feels

when i first played, i didn't know what to do. but then i heard the lyrics and AWESOME SONG, now i'm a lot better :D Loved this so much!! Hope there'll be more amazing games like this

this is just what i needed...Thx for making a miracle

No problem, I'm glad I could help! Thanks for leaving a comment!

This is wonderful.

I almost cried when the lyrics first came on, I felt so raw and alone and then BAM I felt a lot better.

I almost cried for two different reasons, 10/10

That was lovely. Thank you for making and sharing it <3


This is absolutely beautiful and stunning

I love it

Thank you so much Starriko!


such a beautiful game :,)

Thank you fumon!!


This is so cool, and such an incredible way to use the medium and generate such feeling. Nice job :') 

Hey thank you so much for playing Michelle!! I made this years ago and it's still one of the works I'm most proud of, so thank you for giving it a shot and enjoying it ^^

i think i was about to shed a tear at some point.

i wish i knew why you were sad :(


aaa this was wonderful! i really needed this tonight-- it was colorful and spectacular and so rewarding. thank you <3