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Wow, what an awesome game!



This was amazing, It reminded me a lot of NGE for some strange reason, The art is really good as well

This was a BANGER

played this game for my youtube channel to get it more love... had a blast playing it!


wow thank you so much!

anytime :)




godddddd this made me touching and haunting


Very fabulous and amazing game! The story, characters and main characters intentions have made me think of a mix of both Neon Genesis Evangelion and The Promised Neverland. As well as the end brought back some 'The End of Evangelion' vibes too. The story has really made me emotional as i personally can relate to some of the topics [such as having a future with a loved one] and the gore-ish part were very effective as that sense of fear, grief and tragedy hits you like a TRAIN. Just like if you were the main character. I loved this interactive story! <3



i cant get it to load

first, My name is Anna so when it said "my name is Anna" i was like ????? but this story is so good and made me wanna cry TT-TT

I love this so much

this was amazing, it sounds just like me and my partner. it was so enjoyable

I fully enjoyed the story of this and even read this on YouTube to test the theory of my radio voice. Lol but where might be the other parts? I've only found iv and vii.I'd love to play them all!

hi toshitime, thank you so much! All of the sacraments are actually a part of the larger game Lucah: Born of a Dream, which you can also find on my page!

I will definetly check it out! Keep up the great work!

What did you make this with?

this was made in unity!

i started watching this anime called the promised neverland and it reminded me so much about this game, i had to go back and tell you about it!!

Oh hey thank you!! I'll have to check it out; I'm happy it inspired you to come tell me!


please don't just no just no i mean unless you like crying in yur bathtub for 3 hours and being emotionaly scarred

I've never seen another promised neverland fan im literally in shock


whata heck


this was just..WOW . I love everything about this. The atmosphere,the way how detailed you described the story, the graphics and the music. The music was such an important part and it was soon good! Keep up the amazing work!

Wow thank you so much!!

Deleted post

ah thank you so much!! this made my day!






ohh my god everything about this is so good.... the music.... and the whole game is just so good, it really hit me hard and made me feel. i love it, thank you

Thank you!


I vaguely remember playing this  since release date, but it is strong message. So MOTHER is the manifested Nightmare located both within and outside the walls?

The ending though, while they got their wish they also paid for it the only way they could since Plan A failed.

I really like this reading, thank you so much for sharing it!!




This is a masterpiece, I really haven't seen anything like this. Such an impactful game in every way, I really appreciate the complex topic that hits home for a quiet audience. Thank you. 

omg thank you sulfurmako, it means the world to me that you think that ;_; thank you so much i'm glad you liked it!!


gosh fuck this blew me away




I super-loved this!! It reminds me a lot of Porpentine's text games like Howling Dogs and With Those We Love Alive; it really nails that feeling of oppression and longing and complex catharsis. Thanks so much to both of you for making this.

omg that's some high praise, thank you so much ^^


I really enjoyed this. Especially that music, it had me on edge the whole time. Thank you for making this, it was an amazing experience!


Ah thank you so much Coelacanthus! I'm very happy you enjoyed this so much.

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I'm pretty sure I just completed the game . It was great. Everything about. The reason why I'm pretty sure I beat is is because, the game randomly closed and some of the pictures on the cermony I did not see in-game. I'm assuming there is more endings so I'll play this wonderful game again for sure. This game is amazing and I totally recommend it!

Thank you very much kyotee! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much =)