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This was super fun.  I can't wait for more!


Lucah has a followup? :0 Very exciting


I can't wait to play this!

Hey just wondering how can I download the game? Or the teaser version can't find any download

Hi Hue989,

The teaser is available for anyone who supports the Queer Games Bundle 2022, found here:

Also available here as a pay-what-you-can version

Purchasing the bundle also ensures you have access to the full game on release (date still TBD).

After the bundle period I plan to release the teaser as a standalone free demo shortly thereafter.

Update, I've just made the teaser available as a free demo!

Cool,  Thanks I definitely check out the demo, 

I wasn't expecting you to release the demo, now you'll may get more people testing the demo and then realise this is a squeal to a unique art style already released game. 😇

Hi, where is everyone getting the demo from (for free) if part of the bundle I just want this demo thanks? Enjoy the abstract art style.

Hi Nich123,

You can see more info in my comment above, but once the bundle period is over, I plan to release the teaser as a free demo to the full game shortly after. However, if you support the bundle, you’ll automatically have access to the full game when it releases (date TBD).


Thank I will definitely consider that out unless it cheeper to buy full game separately if that is all I wanted but I see what other games are in the bundle.

Plus enjoy playing the fist game on Steam Deck portable. Nver seen art style like that used in a game before very creative.

Update, I've just made the teaser available as a free demo! Even without the bundle.


Love it so far! I can barely get through Verse 5 and was immediately annihilated the only time I made it to Verse 6.

That said, the first time I cleared Verse 5, I got scared by "This is it" so I backtracked to the previous room, hoping to get to rest, but I couldn't, so when I went to proceed to Verse 6, I just walked endlessly through the void, rather than getting a screen transition. As I recall, the orange bars or light indicating that it was a transition zone weren't there--I just walked into the purple. I had to quit the game and struggle through Verse 5 again to confirm that wasn't supposed to happen.

So basically, if you clear Verse 5, don't go back. Be brave.

I love that interpretation but I think I will still fix that with a quick patch. Thank you!

Question real fast can you tell me how I can download the game? I can't find like a link or anything to download it


Absolutely loved the teaser, Chris feels really different to play but in a way I loved. Scary enemy gauntlets and rad bosses, the bits of story are enticing too. Super-excited to play the full game!!


Thank you. Didn't expect a sequal, but very happy to see one in Development. Luca meant a lot to us...tho its almost impossible to play it alone hahaha. Happy Pride. Happy Wrath


happy pride, happy wrath